Automatically imports sales from all active channels

ShipSaver will automatically import all of your transactions (sales) from all the channels you use. Currently we offer support for eBay and Etsy, but soon we will support Amazon, Highwire, Shopify, Magento, and PayPal.

Print lower cost USPS shipping labels in bulk! (UPS/Fedex soon)

ShipSaver will allow you to print your shipments quickly, while offering the best rates available. All of our customers receive Commercial Plus pricing, which is the best you can get. Usually reserved for large shippers,using ShipSaver allows shippers of all sizes to use our bulk pricing discount.

Print Scan Forms, Packing Slips, & even request pickup

Our system allows you to do all this and then some - You can do everything your business needs, without limitation.

Ability to Auto-Insure transactions

Auto insure your packages so you are never without coverage. Our auto insurance allows you to set rules which allow you to auto insure the items you want and the shipping methods you want. It's a huge time saver.

Bulk insure transactions

Insure your sales in bulk for faster processing. Choose the items you want and insure with a few mouse clicks. It's just another reason why sellers love ShipSaver.

File claims online with a quick claims process

The best part of ShipSaver is the claims processing. Claims are filed completely online through our simple claims process

Track and manage buyers and export to CSV

ShipSaver is much more than just insurance. It's also a Buyer's record keeper which will allow you to track all of your buyers. You can even download these into a csv file for your own records or for future marketing campaigns.

Track your savings with our Savings tracker

Easily see how much you are saving. Ok, so maybe it's not a huge feature, but it will actually surprise you how much you are really saving on BETTER insurance.